Asset recovery

Through its Office in Brussels UNICRI assists States in asset recovery. This work is carried out with the valuable support of the European Union, and in recognition of the importance of providing specialized case-by-case mentoring for States who have been victims of stolen assets which are the product of corruption and related crime.

The UNICRI Office in Brussels is staffed with experts in the field of providing technical advice to governments on modern practices for asset recovery, assisting in tracing and seizing such assets, ensuring that the assets are successfully returned to the countries from which they were stolen, and to the victims of corruption and related crime.

UNICRI is committed to assisting States in ensuring that the proper mechanisms are in place so that confiscated assets are used to strengthen local communities affected by crime and terrorism, as well as poverty.

This work furthers UNICRI’s overall objectives of advancing understanding of crime-related problems; fostering just and efficient criminal justice systems; supporting respect of international instruments and other standards; and facilitating international law enforcement cooperation and judicial assistance; as well as supporting the European Union’s efforts in these important thematic areas.

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