International Round Table



Sandro Calvani, Director, UNICRI - Introduction to the International Round Table "Biomedical Research in Developing Countries: the Promotion of Ethics, Human Rights and Justice"


Guido Rasi, Executive Director, AIFA - Introduction to the International Round Table "Biomedical Research in Developing Countries: the Promotion of Ethics, Human Rights and Justice"


Henk Ten Have, Director, Division of Ethics of Sciences and Technology, UNESCO - The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and the UNESCO work in building capacity for ethical review


Eva Bagenholm, Chair, WMA Committee on Medical Ethics, President of the Swedish Medical Association, and Julia Seyer, WMA Medical Ethics: WMA Declaration of Helsinki, Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Humans Subjects


Maurizio Salvi, European Commission, European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies - EGE, Head of Secretariat, Policy Adviser at the Bureau of European Policy Advisers to the President of the European Commission: The role and functions of the European Commission in protecting human participants in biomedical research


Marie-Charlotte Bouessëau, Team Leader, Ethics and Health, Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights, WHO Geneva: The WHO activities: strengthening ethics review of research involving human participants


Chris Zielinski, Coordinator, Research for Health, WHO/AFRO: Status of ethical review of biomedical research in the WHO African Region


Alice Paola Brizi, Justice Protection and Ethics Unit, UNICRI: The state of legislation regarding ethics in biomedicine and the ethical review capacity in Africa


Charles Mgone, Executive Director, European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership - EDCTP: Capacity strengthening of the health research ethics review mechanism in sub-Saharan Africa through the EDCTP programme


Jan Helge Solbakk, Chair of Medical Ethics and Head of Section, Section for Medical Ethics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway: Goodness and ethics in biomedical research of relevance to developing countries


Valeria Piccone, Judge, Human Rights Expert, Ministry of Justice, Italy: Human Rights and health in European Courts and legislation


Jerome A. Singh, Head of Ethics and Health Law at the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), Honorary Research Fellow at the Howard College School of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, and Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada: How human rights, health law, and the judiciary can enhance protection of human participants in biomedical research: lessons from South Africa


Aissatou Toure, Ethics Committee of Senegal, Institute Pasteur, Dakar, Senegal: The experience of Senegal in conducting ethical research


Aceme Nyika, Ethics Coordinator, African Malaria Network Trust (AMANET): AMANET needs assessment survey of ethical review committees in Africa: overview of findings


Melody Lin, Deputy Director and Director of International Activities Program, Office for Human Research Protection, Department of Health and Human Services, United States of America: OHRP activities in building international ethical review capacity


Umberto Filibeck, Director, GCP Promotion Unit, GCP and Pharmacovigilance Inspectorate, Italian Medicines Agency: The Italian legislation and the work of the Italian Medicine Agency in the field of ethics of clinical trials


Edlyn Jimenez-Santos, Research Fellow, Global Forum on Bioethics in Research, Council on Health Research and Development COHRED, Health research priorities in developing countries


Juntra Karbwang, coordinator, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR): The Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review 'SIDCER: The Asia experience'


Volnei Garrafa, Chairman, Post-Graduate Programme in Bioethics, University of Brasilia, Brazil: Helsinki 2008: a Latin American critical view


Abdul Ghaffar, Research Policy and Cooperation, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean: Policy and practice challenges for research ethics in the Muslim world


Cav. Claudio Cavazza, Vice-President Farmindustria: Presentation on behalf of Farmindustria. Biomedical Research focused on Malaria


Hans-Georg Eichler, Officer, European Medicines Agency: Clinical trials in developing countries submitted to EMEA for regulatory purposes


Roma Chilengi, Clinical Coordinator, AMANET: Challenges of ethical and regulatory review for malaria vaccine trials in Africa


Kristiina Kangaspunta, Executive Officer, Applied Research Programme, UNICRI: UNICRI Recommendations

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